Sunday, March 30, 2008


It's been a busy week. But I still had time to think of her. Still had her in my mind, though I know I should have forgotten her last year. I still dream of her face, her smile, her's not right. I know it's not. But hell no, I've said it before, and I'll say it again. I don't want to forget her. No. I refuse.

But why? I don't know why. I don't know why she keeps appearing in my mind. I don't know why I keep making happy illusions of her and me in my head. I don't know why I keep looking for her face in the crowd. I just do. Call it a disease, call it a distraction. I don't know or care. The fact is, we all have to indulge in something. This is my indulgence. And I'll suffer alone if I have to.

Hmm, it may seem like I'm so alone. Well, I am. Always have been. Even from the time anyone who have visited this blog has known me, I've been alone. Perhaps it's my fate to be that way. And sometimes I embrace it. Sometimes it's good to be alone. But not all the time. And I think I've dealt with it quite well.

I just wish I could meet her one more time. This girl. This unique girl, who caught my attention the first time I saw her. The girl who matters, and yet does not, or shouldn't. I want to see her again, just to know who she really is. That's all.

On a different note, I just saw some amazing artwork on youtube. Some of the artwork I had already seen a few years back. A really classy presentation, I must say. Kudos to the presenter, she really is talented.

I've been mulling over an idea on making a third blog, but I'm still divided equally over going with it, and not. Rest assured, it'll be Familiar;)

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Damn It

It's been one hell of a week. First off, I got verbally abused by a condo owner on Monday, all because he doesn't understand how to read his statement (he is illiterate by the way). I've been verbally abused before during my job here at the condominium, but this is the first time someone used the F-word on me. But it's okay, because as long as he doesn't try to cause any damage or harm to anyone, I'm not afraid.

Then on Wednesday, a resident who had her water supply cut because her ex-husband didn't pay the maintenance charges threatened to burn the building down. Of course, we knew she wouldn't actually do it, but giving her back the supply doesn't quite solve the problem regarding the long outstanding debt. It's amazing how some people can just choose to disappear when they don't care about paying up anymore. But then, it's either fight or flight in our crazy world, so I get it. Really.

The worst part of my week however, is the existence of a virus in my computer at home. It keeps messing with my connection. So frankly, I don't know how long will it be before it gets cut off again.

That being said, I bid you farewell now. Happy Easter.

Sunday, March 16, 2008


You guys wanna know what I had to do today? I had to accompany my sister to her colleague's wedding. Why? Because she needed an extra pair of hands to take pictures. Geez. But not only that, mum wants me to keep an eye on her, just like I do every day when we go to work and come home together. We're going to look like a married couple if we keep this up. Sigh. And being at weddings like this, it's boring, especially if neither the bride nor the groom is a friend of yours. But I got a free meal when I was there, so it wasn't so bad.

Last night, I watched a film called Partition, which is a love story set in India in 1947, just after their independence was achieved. It's a volatile time, when Hindus and Muslims hated each other, up to the point where they would kill one another. The film tells the story of Gian (Jimi Mistry), a Sikh man who had just come home from serving the British as a soldier, trying to forget the nightmares of war and leading a peaceful life at his farm. One day, he rescues a young Muslim girl, Naseem (Kristin Kreuk) from people who wanted to kill her because of her religion.

He tries to hide her in his house, but soon his friends and neighbours learn about her and want to harm her. He protects her with his life, and soon she learns to fit in and eventually win over everyone's hearts. Gian and Naseem then fall in love, marry and have a child of their own. But she misses her own family, from which she was separated when they were attacked by Hindus while on their way to Pakistan. She finds a way to go there and reunite with them, but when Naseem's family learn that she has married a Sikh, they keep her captive. Gian then makes his way to Pakistan to get her back. But it doesn't end well, despite their undying love for each other.

Normally I wouldn't watch a love story, but I wanted to see Kristin Kreuk in a different light. Everyone knows her as Lana Lang from Smallville, but seeing her as a Muslim girl? Well, she did great. Her acting is definitely better here, though some purists will say that she doesn't look like an Indian at all. The acting in general was quite good, and the subject matter fascinating. It's disconcerting to see how the world was like back then, when differences in religion would make people hate and kill each other. At the end of the day, we're all God's children, and no matter who we are inside, or what religion we believe in, we should all learn to accept each other's differences and live peacefully together.

On a personal standpoint, I think the film should have been made into a miniseries, in order to allow more time for things to develop. The 2 hour time frame just wasn't enough. But it is a good movie, made by Canadians no less. I think the world today is more or less like the world in this film, and that's quite tragic, just like the film itself.

Just thought I should tell you about this film without putting it on FF. Have a good week ahead.

Saturday, March 15, 2008


Generally I think I've had a good week. Work is getting less hectic, had more time to do certain tasks. Some old debts for our management to collect had finally been collected, so things are looking up. It's good to put in a lot of effort and see it pay off, which is what we all basically want at the end of the day, isn't it?

Anyway, been looking at what everyone's been up to, which isn't much. And in response to that, I'll just leave a few words for them, reader or not:

To Ira: Happy dreaming. It's a nice escape from ....well, everything.

To Michael: I hope you find the answers you seek.

To Tom: You certainly have issues. But you'll be okay, I think. (Thanks for the Idol quiz, btw)

To Mayleen: You certainly are great with kids. If you don't mind me saying, being a nanny or pre-school teacher is more interesting than being a dental assistant. Good luck to you anyway;)

To Sue: Nice pics. I wonder what your SPM results are like.

To Rhea: Congratulations on your graduation. I hope you took lots of pics;)

To Anouk: Thanks for helping me download some songs online, and with the virus problem. I can only hope it won't happen again.

The trailer for The Incredible Hulk came out this week. Check out the awesomeness.