Sunday, November 29, 2009


So it's one entry per month now for me, it seems. Writer's block, or just too lazy?

My friends, I have but one request: Pick one.

That nagging medical ailment I've been having is more or less over. I went to see a specialist for it, paid a large sum and got some meds. At first I wasn't entirely convinced he knew what was wrong with me, but at least he knew what I wasn't having. So I'm better now. And I've been working hard to keep myself in good shape, except jogging. I just am not that type of person. But I walk a lot, so that is better than nothing.

I was just mentioning about Adam Lambert last month, and he recently made headlines again, thanks to his over the top performance at the AMAs. This is when I looked at my sister, who's a big fan of his, and said "This is why Kris Allen is the American Idol winner."

The Twilight craze is back. New Moon has been all over the place, on TV, newspapers, magazines etc. I've read several reviews on the film, and it's mostly negative. This is probably because most of them can't fathom the insane devotion from the book's fans over Robert Pattinson's hair, or Taylor Lautner's muscles, or whether Kristen Stewart is dating Robert or not. But I am going to watch it soon anyway, no matter what.

That girl I keep talking about, but won't reveal her name....well I finally added her on Facebook. I found out a few things after that. One, she's married. Two, she has kids. But you know what? I can tell that she's happy, and now there's a big part of me that is finally able to let her go. I do want to see her again in person, just one more time. But at least now I can afford to not think of her so much anymore.

It'll be December in 2 days. And that means Christmas is coming. That also means it's time to go shopping. It's gonna be fun. Don't overdo it, and tell me what you got later:)