Sunday, June 24, 2012


Nearly half the year is gone. Do I have anything to show for it?

My life is mostly uneventful. A lot of times I like to keep it that way. I dislike dealing with too much drama, though I admit the mundanity of things can be taxing on my mind if I allow it.

It's the hottest time of the year right now. There hasn't been much rain in the last few weeks. It's so hot I start sweating the moment I step out of the shower. It's insane.

I still find myself having a lot of stuff to do and not having enough time to do it. It's frustrating but I'm slowly working on it. I have to make it work somehow, or I'll start looking at myself as a failure.

The other frustrating thing is the idiocy of people in general. Like the morons who smoke in public toilets when they can just go outside and do it. Like the imbeciles who have to text and drive at the same time. Like the cretins who have to play with their phones while watching a movie in the cinema. It's pretty obvious that cigarettes and cellphones are the two worst inventions in our history. People smoke even when it kills them and everyone around them. People buy expensive phones just so they can play with them, not to call people with them. If you've taken a ride in a Singaporean MRT, you'll know what I mean.

I just hope that if I ever end up in an asylum, someone who follows this blog will visit me and tell me I'm right.