Sunday, December 20, 2009

It's The Season

Christmas is just around the corner, and so everyone out there are jam packing the malls buying up stuff for themselves, stuff to give away, stuff for next year etc. It's hectic, it's chaotic, it's fun in some ways too. I myself have done a bit of shopping, and once my salary rolls in a few days from now, I'll be doing some more.

I love Christmas, even though I don't actually celebrate it. I love the decorations, the tree, Santa walking around the mall, pretty girls dressed as Santarinas (and I LOVE Santarinas lol) and the idea of getting and giving stuff. But you know what I don't like about Christmas? Christmas CDs.

Yeah, that's it. Christmas CDs. Like, why do recording artistes have to come up with a collection of Christmas songs to put on a CD and release every year? It's the same Xmas songs all the time. Either they sing the well known tunes everyone knows the words to, or they write new ones, which essentially has the same spirit of Xmas all those other songs embody.

So why do they do this? It's simple. Those recording studios want to cash in on Xmas. But do they really need to? They're already earning so much money from regular CDs, now they want more money? I think someone I knew once would call this commercialising Xmas. I recalled how much he hated it. Not the CD thing, the commercial thing.

I mean, does it make a difference if songs like Jingle Bells or Twelve Days of Xmas are performed by David Archuleta on one CD and also by Tori Amos on another? It's the same Xmas song, or different ones done by different people. It's Xmas, you don't have to suck every last dollar out of their fans just to stuff your damn stockings. Hmph. Good thing Marion Raven never made one such CD, though if she did, I guess I would get one. Maybe.

2010 is so close now. Another great year at the movies will arise. Just to give you a hint on what's to come, take a look at this trailer.