Sunday, February 17, 2013


I remembered when I was young, I had this book full of blank spaces, and I had to fill these spaces with stickers. We had to buy these stickers in packets of four or something, and gradually fill the book till every space was accounted for, and the book will be complete.

Getting the right stickers was always the hardest part, because the chances of getting duplicates are very high, so we'd have to keep buying them till we got them all, which means a lot of money would be spent. Back then, there were a few that I couldn't get, so we had the option of making a deal with the company that made the book to get the last few and finish them, for a price.

As a kid, this was actually fun, because the anticipation would keep you excited, the kind of thing adults wouldn't fathom.

And now, Avengers Alliance, the Facebook game I'm currently playing, is doing the same thing, except there is no real money spent here.

We have to obtain eight comicbook covers by playing the game. Collect them all successfully, and we get a playable character, Magneto. I have 7 out of 8 covers, the missing one being the one you're looking at there. It's a limited offer, so when time runs out, in about 8 days, the task is over.

It's tough as hell. I've been trying real hard to get this cover, but no luck. I actually got the first 7 in a row with no duplicates, and getting the last one here has been frustratingly tough. It's part of the game yeah, but I don't know if that kid inside me is still game for this.

I know it's a game, but it's only fun if you win. It's true. I hope my luck changes soon.