Sunday, May 18, 2014

Noticing Things

As far as this year is concerned, I've noticed certain things about stuff. Stuff I do, observe, experience, or even stuff that has no real relation to me. You can call it stuff to put on a blog for all I care, but here goes:

1. My computer always slows down on Saturday night. It has a habit of slowing down a lot, but Saturday night is when it's at its worst. It probably has something to do with my anti-virus program and their update or scan settings. I have tried adjusting them before, but it's still like that. It's annoying to have your computer slow down so much you can't even click on something without having it stall.

2. I work better with music on. This is especially true when the task is simple but time consuming, like keying in entries on a computer. If there's one thing that can make tasks like that more difficult for me, it's noisy people, and it can get like that at the office. So one day, I put on my earphones, plugged it into my phone and played the tracks on it. I ended up finishing my work twice as fast than in the past when I didn't have music on.

3. I get nervous before going on vacation. Vacations should be relaxing, but I somehow always come close to losing my mind before it's time to go. Well, I usually hate the travelling part and going somewhere takes me out of my comfort zone i.e. familiarity. But I'm happy to report that my last vacation was good, and I usually am calmer by the time the vacation's over. (Note to self: never go to an island known for scuba diving because you can't swim)

4. Lots of people smoke in the morning. Why is that? I don't know, really. Why would people think about lighting up just hours after waking up? It's stupid. And where I work, and yeah, even live, every other person is a smoker. It still baffles me, why people are so eager to kill themselves and others around them.

5. People still bring kids to the cinema. And I mean kids who are too young to understand what's happening on screen. I mean, if your child still sits in a pram, do you really think it's a good idea to take him to watch a Spider-Man movie? Of course not. So when your kid starts crying over and over, take him/her outside and don't bring him back in. Ever.

6. People you thought you knew well don't really like you as much as you figured. I learned this one this week. But it's no big deal, I probably wouldn't have been excited about meeting this person anyway. But then, I kinda thought this person was cool with me. Guess not. 

That's all for now. I've got another list planned soon. Probably bigger than this.