Saturday, February 13, 2010

R&R and Celebration

It's disconcerting how long it has been since I've had the time to post anything in here. But I guess part of it is my fault. I've let other things like Facebook take up much of my online time that I've neglected my little written home here.

Besides that, the past 3 weeks have been super hectic down at the office. There has been a million and one things to take care of. That's what happens when your bosses want to get everything done before the Chinese New Year rolls in. And I've been nothing short of exhausted all the while.

Which is why I am looking forward to my time away from work for about a week.

Time to catch up on old pastimes. Time to get as much rest and sleep as possible. Time to celebrate the new year. Time to watch more TV because the stuff on show is just starting to get better.

When I think of a new year (even though I just have since 2010 has just started), I always think about the time that has passed. And I always think of the previous year, and how tough it has been. Sometimes I think about the tough times so much, I forget about the good things I have. So God, thank you for keeping me and my loved ones together, and I pray you'll help us make things easier for this new year.

There are still other unsettled business to ponder. Some of which I had wanted to post here, but never found the time to do it. Perhaps I'll do so in the next few days. I had a handful of good ideas to talk about, so we'll see.

Wishing you all Sin Nien Kuai Le;)