Sunday, March 27, 2011

Going South Part 1

I've been so busy in the last 3 weeks that I haven't had the chance to blog about my recent trip to Singapore.

The last time I was there was probably about twenty years ago, give or take. So yeah, it's been a long time. So I was understandably excited about this. To see what has changed, if any, and if there's anything worth writing home for.

It was a Wednesday morning when I flew there. Me, my sister and my mum. I never really enjoyed flying, but in this case I'll make an exception. We arrived at Changi airport just after noon, and the modernness and cleanliness of Singapore was evident the moment we stepped off the plane. It was just amazing to see.

At the airport, a kind old man gave us instructions on how to use the MRT train system to get to our hotel. Unfortunately for us, we got a bit lost and we walked quite a distance to reach the hotel. We had not realized that there was an MRT station right across the street from our hotel LOL, and we only discovered this a day later. Anyway, the hotel was only a 3 star, but it didn't matter.

With the morning gone already, we only had time to go to one place: Orchard Road. The shopping capital of the island. Now, I've seen big shopping malls in KL, but over here, it's fucking HUGE. You could walk into one and get lost in there. I kept walking and walking, and there was just no end to it. It took me quite some time to find a video store, because I wanted to look for film DVDs more than anything else, but I finally found one, and they definitely had more choice than the shops back home. I purchased four films: 28 Days Later, The Godfather, Let Me In and The Town. Damn pleased!

We took the bus home, and this is where we noticed how efficient their bus service was compared to KL. Basically, Singapore's transport system is close to perfect. It's so good that there is less traffic on the road compared to other cities, since no one really needs to own a car on this island.

There was a 24 hour food court opposite the hotel, so we ate there. Lots of variety, but the quality of the food was just so-so.

Here are a few pics from day one. I'll continue more about this later on. Enjoy.