Sunday, October 23, 2011

Spark. Drive. Stuff.

Once again, I'm gonna combine stuff to talk about in one entry. This is what happens when I have things to say but I keep putting it off to say them.

What you're looking at here is the cover of Marit Larsen's new album Spark, which will be released in Norway next month. As far as covers go, I think this is the best one she's done so far.

However, her first single Coming Home is just so-so for me. It's by no means bad, but it merely reinforces the fact that Marit hasn't changed her approach very much. I don't know if the rest of her CD sounds like that, but I am hoping that there are a few, if not a handful of worthy gems in it. I am counting on Marit taking a few risks every now and then and not sounding like her last two albums. Either way, if Spark makes it here, I'll get it. After all, she's still Marit, and I'm still a collector by nature.

That is the poster to Drive, a very critically acclaimed film starring Ryan Gosling. Gosling plays a talented stunt car driver who moonlights as a getaway driver for criminals at night. He gets into trouble with a mob boss when he takes on a job in order to help a young woman and her son square things with them.

I was looking forward to this film. Very much. And what does the film's distributors do? They pull it from the theaters.

AFTER they had screened it for the press. AFTER they had planned to release it last month. AFTER they had a free screening for lucky winners of a radio station's call-in contest. Their reason? 'A technical problem'. Right. Here's my response: Fuck you.

Technical problem? Why don't you explain to us what the heck that means? The censors blocked it? If so, you can just say that. Or is it because you don't have the balls to put it out there and have it compete against films YOU idiots think would do better than it? Is that it? You think audiences here would rather see Johnny English Reborn or What's Your Number or The Smurfs?

See, all you have to do is ask moviegoers if we want to see it. Have a poll, play the trailer in cinemas, find a way to ask us. Get your theater guys to put it on their Facebook page and gauge their reaction. Or better yet, activate your FUCKING Facebook page! How the heck are you supposed to know if you don't find out?

I know Drive is worth your trouble. It has an 8.3 rating on Imdb, it's the 133rd highest rated film right now. Any film within the top 250 is worth it. You bastards just squandered an opportunity to show audiences what may be the best film of the year. Last year The Town gets axed, this year it's Drive. I seriously hate film distributors here. If they don't have guts to risk their finances on something they are too ignorant about, the least they can do is be honest about it.

Lately I've been feeling rather annoyed by people. Mostly by people who think they're the centre of the universe, or they think their superbly lame jokes are funny, or they have this irresistible need to say whatever's on their mind, and most of the time it's not important at all.

I wish they would all just shut up. Seriously. I mean, how much inconsequential crap can you give every day? You know, the funny thing is, I actually thought for a short time that I had lost my sense of humour, which was why I found all of this so annoying. But no, I can still laugh, it's just that people don't care about good humour anymore. They just go with whatever they've got.

Like for instance, how many times would you laugh if people constantly put Rowan Atkinson's face on someone else's picture? First time, maybe. Second time, not really. Anything beyond that, and it's really fucking stupid. I'm on Facebook, and lately there's always some doofus doing this crap. Then it gets shared over and over, and even if you're not friends with this doofus, chances are one of your friends thinks it's cool. Really, I beg you to stop. Please. Get a life.

And for the rest of you, who have to say EVERY God damn thing in your head, shut up too. You got a job, you got a life, so do it and live it. I don't care what you ate yesterday, I don't care why you were late for work yesterday, I don't care when was the last time you slipped on the sidewalk, or what your nephew says to you when he sees you. Shut it. Whether you're online or in front of me, (or even if you're in front of others) stop it. Do what matters. Say what matters. Live your life by being a good person. Don't gossip, don't waste time talking about trivial stuff. Do what you love as long as you don't annoy or hurt others. It's not too much to ask, is it?

That's it. I'm gonna look for something to do. See you.