Sunday, May 30, 2010

Check This Out

I discovered something today, and I don't know if any of you have already been aware of it.

You guys know the song Crazy In Love by Beyonce and Jay Z? It turns out this song was covered by British rock band Snow Patrol. I heard their version when I was spinning their CD at the record store today, and I think this is the best cover I've ever heard. Listen to this:

I've added a couple of new things on the side column. Nothing fancy, and it probably won't make a difference in the number of visits here, but what the heck. And look, Marion Raven has a blog now too. It's in Norwegian though, the link is in my column.


Sunday, May 16, 2010


A few days ago, I read a friend's blog where she mentioned about communication. She talked about how she remembers from her father about the willingness to talk and listen. I now wonder if she truly knows what that means.

Communication is usually about getting the message across to someone. It doesn't quite count if the other person doesn't receive it, or isn't interested in the message. Herein lies the problem. You know, I balk at people who tell me that they know a lot about communication, or they have lectures and seminars about it, because quite frankly, communication is subjective. If there was someone who is so good at communicating, then why can't they get EVERYONE out there to listen to them? Even politicians can't get everyone on their side, so who can truly claim to be a master at this? I remember being confronted by someone at my workplace who was pissed off, and when I tried to tell him that I was merely following orders from my superiors, he said "don't hide behind that excuse. I know what you're trying to tell me because I give lectures on communication." Pfft. I wish I could ask him then that if I lost my job, can he save me with a lecture?

Lately, communication is becoming my problem. Not that I actually want it to be a problem, it's just that in our selfish little world, most people would rather talk than listen. I know I can be like that too. But really, there are certain individuals out there who simply don't understand the concept of 'less is more'. Or that bloody awful song that goes "you say it best when you say nothing at all." Take my colleague for example. She is a person that has a constant need to speak. To everyone. Usually to my other colleague across the room (you know, women). So I'm like, fine. But she has no limits to this, and guys like me, we can only tolerate so much. But being the nice guy that I am (well, sometimes), I can't tell her to shut the fuck up, right? I don't like making things ugly if I can help it.

But the worst part about bad communication is the fact that some people just don't get it. They don't 'get' it. Either they get it wrong, or they are so oblivious. Or they make an assumption and stick with it because it's more convenient than asking me why. I know people who fit in all three situations, and I just wish so very very much that I can talk some sense into them. If they only understood where I'm coming from, then maybe we can work things out and I'll be a happier person with less grey hair.

To sum things up, I'll admit that I can be a difficult person sometimes, but I'm not an impossible person. If you take the time to talk to me, you'll find out who I really am.