Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, The Joker! That's Heath Ledger actually, in the guise of The Clown Prince Of Crime, for the upcoming Batman sequel, The Dark Knight, which is opening in summer 2008.

I still remember watching Jack Nicholson play The Joker in the first Batman film directed by Tim Burton. He did it very well, but it's scattered with the same Nicholson mannerisms you've seen hundreds of times in his films. So this time, what will The Joker be like? I for one, hope that Ledger can do just as good as Nicholson. He's got the look down pat, obviously, from the picture. But The Joker isn't just a comicbook villain, he's an icon of evil.

The Joker is psychotic. Sociopathic. Insane. Remorseless. Evil. From his small and skinny frame, you wouldn't expect him to be a threat. But he is truly dangerous. By the time you think you're safe in his presence, it may be too late. The Joker is one of a kind, because he doesn't need a reason to do whatever he wants to do. He just does it. And he does it with a laugh, an evil grin and a look in his eyes that you won't forget. Basically he is everything Batman isn't, even though both of them instill fear in others.

I guess you can tell I'm quite excited about this film. I am. Though to be honest, there was very little information and press on it prior to the release of this picture, save for a 59 second trailer (which was rather disappointing) and riddles guarding the official website. So I owe my gratitude to Empire magazine for this picture. It speaks volumes for Batman fans everywhere.

Here's hoping The Joker will outdo that bloody Liam Neeson in the previous film. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Sunday, November 25, 2007


It took me a while, but I finally succeeded in revamping FR today. What do you think? I think it looks great, it has a certain dark aura that makes it more appealing, to me anyways. I added a few things too, though overall it still doesn't feel perfect. I know of only two people who can help me make it better, because they know more about HTML than I do, but they're unavailable at the moment. So I'll just have to make do with this.

As for FF, I'm gonna renovate that too, and hopefully it will look less bland than it currently does. It is FF that needs the most improvement, because I'm still looking for an audience for it. So I hope to make it look snazzier by this time tomorrow.

Lots of stuff has been happening, though none have been too important. Which is probably why FR hasn't been having much activity as of late. I remember how I started off this blog by writing about depressing things and things that would keep you up at night and rob you of your sleep. These days I'd rather not focus on that. Instead, I'll tell you about the stuff that I enjoy doing, like watching movies for example. Yeah, I know. You all will be going "Yawn" right about now, wondering if I ever talk about anything else. But I can't help it, it's a hobby of mine. Anyway, I watched 2 films today, one of the reviews is already up at FF, so feel free to check it out.

I'm also happy to note that one of my favourite shows of all time, The Shield, is back on TV. It focuses on a group of cops who sometimes have to resort to breaking the law in order to serve justice. And then they go too far and the shit hits the fan. Great stuff. It almost makes up for my disappointment over the local channels screening the latest season of 24 in the wee hours of the morning. What on earth were they thinking?

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Past Tense

Damn. I slept too long.

This is what happens when it's a public holiday. This is why I rarely take a break from work. It's because I'm so used to routine. Gonna be hell when I try to fall asleep tonight.

Someone I know recently wrote about how time has passed so quickly. I couldn't agree more. Here I was last night, in front of my computer, with nowhere to go. So I decided to go back to a few forums I had not visited in a long time. The good news is that some people I had known from back in the day were still around. The bad news were the changes, mostly negative, that I had found. Perhaps forums aren't the in-thing anymore. It used to be, but now times are different. I have changed too, though I barely realised it.

I don't really have much to update, so let me show you something instead. I recently discovered this cool song with a rather creepy video. The song is What's A Girl To Do by Bat For Lashes. Check it out and tell me what you think.