Sunday, March 25, 2012

Seeing, thinking, feeling

I can barely find any time to put down whatever's on my mind in here these days, and I hate that. Time passes and I realise I haven't been in here for too long. So here's what I can tell you about what I've been through, been thinking, been watching, been discovering and so on:

- There is barely any place on earth I can go to where smokers don't frequent. Shopping malls and cinema halls, and yeah, my home are the only places left. Three out of five people I walk past on the street are smokers. People who stand outside in public are mostly smokers. Heck, they even smoke in public toilets, which really pisses me off. Smokers are the worst people in the world because they're killing everyone including themselves, and they don't care one bit. I'd destroy every last tobacco plant on earth if I could. I swear to God.

- I've found a new TV series to sink my teeth into. It's called American Horror Story. I've only seen one episode, so I am not ready to talk about it in length just yet. Maybe I'll dedicate an entire post to it in the near future, but for now I can say that it's fascinating.

- I'm unable to contact a certain someone for a while now. I hope she's okay.

- Remember when I talked about insensitive people who turn on their cellphones in the cinema? Well, I actually ran into a guy who did one worse than that. When I watched The Descendants a few weeks back (great film btw), there was a guy near me who brought his tablet, and he was typing on it as the film began. Oh, how I wished I could tell him to shut that thing off. I mean, does that make sense? You're here with your tablet??? You got work, eh? Well, you shouldn't be here. If you're here because your date made you come, then she's gonna be pissed that you're still typing on that thing. I know I would be if I was her. Can we please have a law where people get fined for turning on any electronic gadgets in the cinema? I may sound desperate, but I see no other solution.

- I discovered a new singer making waves in the music world. Her name is Lana Del Rey (real name Elizabeth Grant). I first heard her on American Idol this week as she performed her song Video Games. I thought it was really good. She has a haunting voice, rather low which suits her slow numbers really well. I have yet to know how much I'll like her as time goes by, but she's on my radar for sure.

- Speaking of American Idol, I think we've got a few really good singers this year. But there's still a chance for America to screw this one up yet again, especially since the clown known as Heejun Han is still competing. I'll feel better once he's eliminated.

- Recently I learned that I have borderline high blood pressure. It took four visits to the doctor before he finally figured it out. I had dizziness and headaches during that time, and it is relieving to know what was happening to me. It basically means I have to watch what I eat, and take half a pill a day until ....well until my pressure is at a satisfactory level. But at least the symptoms are gone, so I'm glad about that.

That's all for now. In closing, I'd like to mention that keeping my sanity in check is getting harder now. People all around me, from the ones at the office to the ones at home, even the ones online are all making things difficult. They just don't understand. Guess I'll have to be more patient, for my health's sake.