Monday, August 19, 2013

Pet peeves

1. Smokers (especially those who smoke in the morning and in public toilets)
2. People who text while driving (yes, there are people who still do these moronic things)
3. People who turn on their cellphones in the cinema, be it for speaking, texting or playing games like Candy Crush
4. People who bring kids below 10 into public areas like cinemas or restaurants
5. People who constantly interrupt you when you're talking
6. People who have an urge to say EVERYTHING on their minds
7. People who yell at you for petty reasons
8. Stupid drivers on the road (like those who signal left or right but then decide not to turn)
9. People who think they know what you're going to say and try to preemptively move against that, but they're totally wrong
10. When my computer loads too slow
11. When my cable TV company screens the best movies in the wee hours of the morning
12. When my neighbours upstairs dump gallons of water off the balcony instead of down the drain (seriously, they are beyond retarded)
13. People who constantly post photos on Facebook, like every freaking day
14. People who won't pick up their phones when you call them, and they know it's important that they do
15. People who make plans that involve you without consulting you first
16. People who aren't punctual
17. Movie directors who make spoof films like Scary Movie, Date Movie, Vampires Suck, Meet The Spartans etc, and continue to do so
18. People who procrastinate
19. Men who beat their wives (I'm including this because there have been many cases of women being abused by their husbands here lately)
20. Finally, rich people who have the dough to buy expensive apartments but whine and complain about paying petty late interests (I know this because I work in a condo's management office)

I'll focus my next post on stuff I love. Hopefully.

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Ira Roslan said...

Haha that was entertaining :P
I can't tolerate smokers near me either and if one's walking in front of me I either overtake them or rather stop and wait til they're like 100m away...